Four driveway options explained

Choosing the different types of driveway design sometimes is a hard task, especially when we see so many different options available on the market and often for a very good price. One should be attentive to the need for non-slip floors and dampers, ideal for homes with children and also for homes that have older pets such as dogs.

The textured stones as rudimentary porcelain tiles, floors with burnt cement finish, that mimic the wood and high-grip surfaces are other traditional options. We can also emphasize that auto sticking floors, which allow the water to reach easily to the water table, are among the modern trends. For those who prefer the use of stones we can highlight granite, lime stone , marble, and travertine. The important thing is the finish since it will improve looks and also the feel of the whole driveway. Among these options, the most popular are granite and travertine, because of its beauty and functionality overall.

Freedom to renew the driveways Australia.

Investment of the coating industry in technology to improve parts expanded offer floors that mimic wood textures, stone and cement at more affordable prices

With investment professionals and industry in the design and manufacture of all kinds of floors, the option is great for those who want to renew the outside area with good taste. But for the result to be expected, each case must be assessed as designed environment. The most popular types are the porcelain and ceramics, because the stores offer wide range of designs, sizes and prices.


Check out some features of floors for outdoor driveway design.


Enamelled: receiving a surface glaze layer with the desired pattern; their surfaces may be smooth or rough; the brightest are the most slippery.

»Natural: resistant and little slippery.

»Lapados: reproduce the brightness of natural stones.

»Prices: from $ 40 to $ 70 a square meter


Miracema: are most suitable for outdoor use.

»Average price: $ 25 a square meter


Newer to the market it is characterized by its strength and durability.

With its rustic finishes this is best suited for the outdoors. Are ecologically more advisable than the rest of the floors found in the market because they prevent the mining of stones and the emission of greenhouse gases.

Prices: from $ 40 to $ 60 a square meter


The flamed finish with are more suitable for outdoor use, since they are non-slip. The polished granite are quite slippery, so more suitable for indoor and dry areas.

»Price: from $ 70 to R $ 500 square meters. Easy to find all over the place.

The bottom line

Therefore these 4 different materials are great for those who want to have a very good and functional driveway always looking good and working as it should. It is very important to research the materials and their prices before actually buying, after all you need to make your driveway design be just as perfect for you as for your family.

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