How asphalt driveway costs are determined in Australia


Asphalt is one of the most common materials used in Australia residential driveways. Relatively inexpensive and incredibly durable, asphalt gives you a robust and hardy finish while still enabling you to have the flexibility to incorporate the design accents to ensure that the improvements you are making to your home are adding real value to your property.

Getting a quote from asphalt driveway contractors

All Australian asphalt driveway contractors will be happy to give you a free quote. This will generally require an on-side inspection from the company so the easiest way is to make a shortlist of potential contractors that you are considering and then make contact with each of them either via telephone or through their website. You will simply need to make a time for them to come out and talk to you about the project that you are wanting to undertake.

Once the contractor has had a chance to measure the area and look at the work required they should provide you with a detailed written quote.

What are the factors that influence the cost of an asphalt driveway?
While the process for installing an asphalt driveway is fairly similar for every project, each driveway is different so there will be considerable variation when a contractor is assessing the scope of the project and calculating the likely cost. (more…)

Asphalt scams – asphalt driveway paving scams


Everyone wants their home to look their best, and having a new or refurbished driveway is a great way to give your home a lift. Asphalt driveways are a popular way to improve the appearance and value of your property but there has been quite a bit of coverage in the media recently about a range of scams operating, taking advantage of homeowners, and leaving people out of pocket and upset.

Who are the scammers?

Generally they will be an organized gang who are targeting vulnerable people in a specific area. They are unlikely to be from a local firm. If someone is offering you an amazing deal to repair or upgrade your driveway it is important to ensure that you investigate it fully and be wary of becoming the victim of an asphalt driveway paving scam. (more…)

The most common ways of Asphalt installation


When installed correctly, an asphalt driveway will be durable, resilient and low maintenance, but it is those words “when installed correctly” that you need to be super conscious of.

There have been some real horror stories recently of disreputable tradesmen making false quotes for the installation of asphalt driveways and then either not delivering anything at all, or delivering a product so inferior that it has to be completely re-done at enormous expense.

So should an asphalt driveway be installed? (more…)

Driveway Markers

You can install driveway markers or driveway lights on posts or columns or embed roadway lights and road reflectors inside your pavement or concrete to light the way as a driveway marker.

These new solar driveway reflectors are used by cities and states to light up roadways and highway lanes of traffic, and now homes are using them to light up driveways as a driveway marker.

Driveway Markers Tips

These can be found as plastic or fiberglass that are tough and do not break easily; or in design and style, made out of metal, stainless steel or other metals.

These can then be painted any colour you’d like to match your décor. The adhesive or glue for these embedded driveway markers can last forever if mounted correctly.

The better ones are completely waterproof and weather resistant. (more…)

Driveway Lights

Chances are that if you live in a rural area or darkness limits access to your driveway, then you are in need of some driveway lights or driveway Markers.

Driveway lights that lights up your driveway at night or in low-light conditions is almost a necessity in terms of safety. These guys have been doing some really cool driveway light installations.

Whether it’s a newly constructed driveway or existing driveway, no matter the length and dimensions of your driveway, it’s important to always know where you’re going as well as having your guests or visitors being able to safely navigate your driveway to your home.

Some useful driveway lights and driveway markers include solar driveway leading and solar road markers that are commonly used on the sides of roads and to mark the traffic lanes on highways with Driveway Reflectors. (more…)

Driveway Ideas

Finding great driveway ideas for your home can be tough if you do not know what you are looking for. It can be hard to figure out the perfect design and material choices for your house driveway.

There are actually driveway and landscaping designers that can help you out as a consultant for your driveway path.

A good place to start for some driveway ideas and driveway landscaping ideas to mesh with your home design and house landscaping theme, is to start with the basics for your driveway design ideas.

Design ideas can come from some great images and pictures of driveways that have been done by a neighbour or friend with similar Driveway Lights. (more…)

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