Top 7 reasons why asphalt is better than other driveways


Asphalt or something else? Installing a driveway for your home or upgrading your existing driveway is a big decision. Not only is it a big investment financially, the choices that you make about your driveway have a big impact on the value of your home – and they are long lasting decisions, so you want to make sure you get right.

What are your options when choosing a surface for your driveway?

Driveways can be made a range of different types of surfaces. Asphalt is one option; other options include concrete, paving stones, or pebbles.

A key factor during your decision making process is to think about the design that you want to achieve with your driveway. How will your driveway be integrated with the rest of your property? Do you want your driveway to blend with the surroundings or should it be a feature that uses design accent to add visual interest when prospective buyers are looking at your home?

How do you choose the right surface for your driveway?

Asphalt is one of the options that you have to consider, but how do you make the decision? How do you know which is the right solution for your home?

What are the reasons that asphalt is better than other surfaces?

We asked XLAsphaltMelbourne, leaders in the Melbourne asphalting industry, exactly why Asphalt is preferable to concrete. We’ve summarised the responses below:
Let us take a quick look at the top 7 reasons that you should consider asphalt for your driveway:

1. Quick to install. Asphalt is an engineered mixture of stones and sand mixed with liquid asphalt cement (which is derived from petroleum). The mixture is heated and poured onto your prepared driveway base. Soon after it is poured, the mixture cools and hardens and can be driven on nearly straight away.

2. Strong and durable. Your asphalt paving contractor can advise on the thickness of asphalt that you will require depending on the type of traffic that your driveway is likely to handle. If you need to be able to handle larger and heavier vehicles then you should opt for a thicker mix to ensure a strong and durable finish.

3. Unaffected by salt. In winter you can pile on the salt to prevent ice forming. Asphalt is not effected by salt at all. In addition your asphalt driveway will not freeze in wintry temperatures.

4. Repairs are easy and inexpensive. If you need to install some utilities (such as power lines or water connections), it is very straightforward to dig through an asphalt pavement and then inexpensive to repair.

5. Cost effective. Choosing asphalt for your driveway is one of the most cost effective options on the market.

6. Long lasting. Correctly installed, your asphalt driveway could last at least thirty to forty years.


7. Enhanced drainage. Your asphalt driveway will be installed with a layer of rock beneath it to enhance the drainage of the area and ensure that water is able to run feely through the permeable porous layer.


So if you are wanting to create a simple and practical solution for your driveway, then take a look at what an asphalt driveway could do for your home. Not just practical and affordable, but also an attractive feature that can add real value to your property.

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